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Introducing StoneMor's Mortuary Science Scholarship Program

As one of the largest companies in the industry, Everstory Partners has the privilege of being able to help thousands of people arrange their legacies and remember and honor their loved ones.

Proud to Invest in the Future

Our organization provides a broad scope of products and services through the ownership, development, and operation of cemeteries and funeral homes in multiple states.

Everstory's goal in creating the Mortuary Science Scholarship Program is to help further the education of future funeral professionals by offering financial support while creating career opportunities within StoneMor.

The Everstory Mortuary Science Scholarship Program will be granting $8,000 per student for 10 selected individuals on an annual basis. The scholarship funds are to be used at the students' discretion for educational purposes and scholarship awards will only be granted one time per individual.

The Everstory Mortuary Science Scholarship Program is designed as a good-faith scholarship; therefore, funds are not contingent upon accepting employment with Everstory.

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Everstory Mortuary Science Scholarship FAQ’s

Q What is the Everstory Mortuary Science Scholarship Program?


Everstory's Mortuary Scholarship Program is designed to help further the education of future funeral professionals by providing financial assistance and resources as well as creating career opportunities for students within Everstory .

Q What is the requirement for applying to the program? Who is eligible?


Applicants must be enrolled and/or accepted in a mortuary science program accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE).

Q What do I need to do to submit my application?


Applicants should apply online through our application process which includes general application questions, a 500-800 word essay (written or video submission) and an official transcript which must also be uploaded to our portal (if submitting a video, please keep submissions to 3-5 minutes in length).

Q What is the application window to apply and what is the deadline to submit my application?


Applications will be accepted from September 1st through December 31st. Unfortunately we will not be able to accept applications after the deadline.

Q What if I need to edit my application after it has already been submitted?


Please email if you need to edit your application or have questions or trouble submitting your application.

Q Can I receive a scholarship more than once?


No, Scholarship recipients are eligible to receive one Everstory Mortuary Science Scholarship Award.

Q Is the scholarship award contingent on accepting an employment opportunity with Everstory?


No, the scholarship is not contingent upon accepting employment with Everstory. Current Everstory Employees should refer to the Scholarship Policy.

Q Are current Everstory Employees Eligible to participate?


Yes, we are also considering current Everstory Employees for the scholarship award. Please refer to our Mortuary Science Scholarship Policy for rules and details.